Monday, November 2, 2009

Kologarn: A Kitty's Worst Nightmare

Although many people are above and beyond Kologarn, I still visit him sometimes and as a mage I love him, but when I am on my druid proudly pulling over 5k dps and usually 6k on the other bosses, I want to complain and cry and whine for a long time, until someone says just go resto so you don't have to complain. I had troubles a long time with Kologarn as a kitty, because if you get behind him to shred you fall a long way down and then die. So you are pretty useless dead, and dead dps is worse than the horrible shredless dps that I had become accustomed to.

Then one day, I was running 25 man Ulduar with two other kittys and I thought maybe they know a secret that I don't. Well one of the kittys was right next to me in dps which was number 5 or 6 on the dps meter, which is just not okay because we were on top before this fight! The other kitty was second in dps which she had been beneath me in most of the other fights. Yay there is a way to dps that stupid giant man with all of his arms. Apparently the way to dps Kologarn as a kitty is to stand in the middle get your savage roar going and swipe, swipe, swipe. Yeah, so okay you are dpsing all three arms, but whatever you aren't doing crappy dps by focusing on the right arm and doing 3k dps. Note: By doing this method you really should have the right arm targeted keep your mangle debuff, rake debuff active, and rip when full on points. This way you aren't forgetting your primary job of dpsing the right arm, but keeping the bleed effects on it will be sufficient. The swipe you are using while waiting for the bleed effects to be re-applied will be more dps to the right arm as well as overall, than you would have if you were sitting there spamming mangle which is high energy and not efficient dps. At least after fighting this boss tons of times, this is what I have found works for me.

I have now done the swipe-lazy method on this boss in 10 man and 25 man, and there were no issues with getting the right arm down, so feel free to swipe away. The raid isn't harmed and it can save you your sanity, at least it did me, I don't enjoy feeling like I suck. If you already knew this then great, but I see lots of new feral dpsers running around out there, so don't let Kologarn get you down.


Fulguralis said...

I think you could only recommend this method if you're doing as much single target damage on each target as you would be if you're focusing (which I doubt is the case). I'm not sure if that's true of kitties, but it's what prevents me from simply AoE'ing as a warlock.

Granted your overall DPS may be better, but if you're sacrificing single target DPS just to pump up your number, you should definitely make sure you're with some uber single target DPSers so that each arm or the body doesn't stay up extra long on your account. You can certainly get away with it in some cases.

Ulduar in general kills my DPS because of most of the fights require me to switch targets are DPS adds and crap like that, which kills an affliction warlock. Consequently, I haven't topped the meters in a while, but that's just the way they designed the fights. *shrug*

Fuubaar said...

yeah, I agree with what Fulguralis said:

I would definately look at how much of a DPS loss you are looking at on the target you are suppose to be targeting verse AoEing.

Kayllnn said...

Yeah, I didn't really mention it, but being that we can't use our most powerful tool of dpsing using shred, to build our combos, I really think that swipe is a better idea. Think about taking out your main attack that you use, for my mage it would be like I would be spamming scorch which would be pretty useless. In this case the aoe on the right arm will equal more than my single target.

More specifically, I failed to mention, which is due to my inexperience in writing, when I do this, I build my combo points and target the right arm, and keep a rip up at all times also. WoW I need to be more detailed.

Kayllnn said...

I have edited accordingly I hope this clarifies, my intention is not ever to always be the first on dps but to be efficient dps and I have found this method is more efficient than only single targeting the arm.

Fuubaar said...

That makes a lot more sense now. My Kitty is only a 26 and hasn't been touched for atleast 6 months.

I knew that they had combo points similar to rogues but that's about the extent of my knowledge on the feline DPS.

Very interesting.

Fulguralis said...

Yeah, I'm obviously not the kitty expert either, so that makes sense now... good clarification.