Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First Trip Into 25 Man ToC

I use to be the type of person who would PuG any puggable raid, but lately I have been ultra lazy in my pugging, not even completing VoA 25 on all my 80s yet, which is sad. But i just needed a break from pugging and I am still on that break. So I was ultra excited and nervous for our guild alliance to attempt 25 Man ToC. I was chosen as RL, because I have cleared 10 man a million times, I was capable right? I was so nervous because we had been on break for so long, and now coming back to a raid that many others haven't even seen.

I was pleasantly surprised by what we accomplished in the short two hours of actual raid time we dedicated to the raid. I thought we would struggle on the first boss, I mean many of these people haven't even been in here before, but was ecstatic when we one-shotted the Beasts Of Northrend. And only a few attempts on Lord Jaraxxus we got him down as well yay!

I thought all of our alliance members were doing a great job, and I was proud of our healers especially, since I was leading the healing team specifically as well as the raid. Plus I got a new item, which I haven't in some time from an actual drop, very exciting to receive Boots of the Unrelenting Storm.

When we got to the faction champions, I was a little worried and for good cause. I mean how do you formulate a good strat for this fight? I did the best I could with the help of other veterans of ToC, and we attempted to take down the holy priest then the resto shaman. I assigned people to do interrupts on the pally healer, and shaman until we got to that point. After two healers down we had hoped to kill a dps but unfortunately we never got to that point.

 Ah, oh well I was happy with our achievements for the night, so I promptly called the raid at designated end time. I am still feeling as though it was a success, and although I am sure I could clear this each week in a PuG, I was happy because we did it with friends, and our alliance.