About Me

WoW for me, is all about grouping with others. I usually get really bored when I am not in a group. I love to raid and coordinate fights, and I enjoy leading raids, especially ten mans. I love playing with my friends and my guild, Clearly Free, is a huge part of how I began to understand this game. There is so much to learn in WoW, it seems like a never-ending game that always has something fun to do. If you don't think so you should have more than 1 80. Trying to keep them all current is very difficult.

I have four 80s in which I have varying amount of experience playing.

My Mage- Kayllnn, was my first toon. Playing a mage can be tons of fun, but I had to branch out and learn other roles in the game. I learned the game from this toon, and leveling a mage can be a great way to learn to stay alive, and be smart. Because mages die very easily. I love raiding Kara on this toon. Of course I was always able to bring my mage over my druid for first boss in Gruul's. Who else would mage tank? Gotta love spellsteal. I think that was my favorite raid on my mage.

My Druid- Kailanii, was the second toon on my account. Her main spec has been resto in BC, and part of WOTLK. When one of my guildies was leveling a druid close behind mine, we decided one would go tank and one would heal. Being a gentleman he let me choose first. I had leveled as feral, and something drew me to learn to heal. So I healed in Kara, SSC, Gruul's Lair, and joined some higher raiding guilds to see every raid but Sunwell. When wrath came out, I continued healing in Naxx, getting my mage geared first. I had always had gear for tanking and dpsing on this toon, and I had many times in BC paid my 50g to switch specs. With dual speccing I had to choose tho, I didn't want to pay to switch from feral bear to feral kitty every week. So my other spec became kitty. Which I play to this day, and sometimes I raid kitty and sometimes tree. Just depends.

My Shaman- I created my shaman, Emeraldstorm, once BC came out, but is the newest toon I have gotten to 80. I was getting bored with druid healing, especially in 25 mans, and I wanted to experience new things, and new ways of healing. Druids and shamans are sooo different. So now I had a healing toon that actually waited for someone to take damage to heal. I still enjoy healing on my shaman, but since my guild has so many awesome healers, I was kinda forced to play my dps spec. No matter, I love dpsing on this toon as well, and she is currently my main toon I bring to raids. 

My DK- Frostblood is the least played of all my 80s. She is only a tank. I never dps on this toon, only tank. The gear on this one is far behind my other toons, because in a raid the amount of tanks we need is far less than dps and heals. So usually the raids I run with don't need my dk. Although she has seen a little bit of ICC ten, I don't get to tank nearly as much as I would like to.

I am currently leveling a warlock and disc priest as well. I love leveling toons and experiencing the game from everyone's perspective. When people QQ I want to understand why, and see if it is a reasonable complaint. Healing is one of the most interesting aspect of the game, and I would love to have an 80 priest and pally to see how they have to heal in raids. I will definitely be working on it, until then I will just stick with my heroism.