Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Know Your WoW: Shamans

Ok so I quickly wanted to mention the most basic thing a shaman or basically any WoW player should know. I am no expert by any means, but there are way to many shamans running around with gear that makes me go huh? Also too many people have no clue what the shaman trees mean. Cuz when I'm in a PuG I have seen way too many people say, what is an elemental shaman? Is that melee?

Enhancement- This tree is all about melee dps. You don't need spell power gear in order to have good dps in this spec. You should really be gearing like a hunter most basically. Take gear with agility, hit, crit, attack power. Things like this. Since both mail melee toons use mana this gear will come with intellect on it. With this intellect you will get some attack power because of Mental Dexterity. This means you want a ton of attack power to increase damage from your attacks that are spells. Please stop equipping spell gear you really don't need to, I know a shaman can be confusing but, you are melee stop rolling on caster gear.

Elemental- This tree is basically a casting tree. That is pretty much it, they cast spells and need normal spell gear. Don't get gear that has attack power on it, for some reason I have seen this, IDK?

Resto- This is the shamans healing tree. Yes they use spell power gear as well. I don't think there are as many misconceptions about this tree, resto is pretty obvious they are the ones with beams of healing around the room.

I say these things, because many shamans seem to be confused about their own class. When I inspect them their gear is confusing having both melee and spell power gear which is unnecessary. Also people ask shamans what spec they are, and when given a reply of, " I am enhance" they are left going uhhh...

Now you know, at least know that enhance is melee and elemental is a caster, see simple!


Fuubaar said...

ok, here's a problem that I've run into when lvling a new Shaman:

Obviously I want leather gear (until I hit 40 but this toon is only going to 29 but that's another story)

I'm slowly starting to pick up green gear that is leather (either from quest rewards or scouting the AH) The only thing I'm seeing on leather at this level (10-11ish) is +stam & +Agility. I'm debating on picking up some cloth gear to aquire my +int.

I'm going to be pvping with this shammy as Elemental.

What should I do?! When does +int & Spell power gear show up on leather gear?

Thanks for your help.

Kayllnn said...

I would definitely take the cloth. Many level 80 shamans wear cloth and leather if they are elemental. Are you going to be a twink and stop leveling at some point? If not there is plenty of mail pvp gear for you as elemental. I got a lvl 251 piece from VoA, so if you are going till 80 wear cloth for leveling to get that int., hit, and spell power.

Fuubaar said...

Do Druid trees or Moonkins do the same thing?

Only wear cloth gear?

Kayllnn said...

Many times druids wear cloth if they are boomkins or resto, but at higher levels there is leather available. But as far as a druid goes, priesty looking gear is usually just as good for a tree. It sucks with the upcoming changes that we can't roll need on cloth gear, so they should make leather and mail gear that is just as good. I have been on forums and many say best in slot is cloth for shamans and druids many times, so Blizz needs to fix this if they don't want us wearing cloth.

But I think as of now all my gear is leather on my druid, some cloth on my shammy, take the cloth if it is better than the leather stat wise, don't worry about whether it is leather or mail until higher levels. When you get really into pvp, you will be able to get the sets that are meant for you.

Horde Leveling Guide said...

Nice post for those new to Shamans.

As you touched on, Shaman gear can be a real pain in the a**... we're the only class along with Druid's who have a melee spec, a caster dps spec, and a healing spec, which means there's more confusion regarding the class, and of course it takes much longer to get the drops you need in raids.

This isn't quite as big a problem for PvP shamans, since they can buy their gear with honor, but hoping for good VoA drops is bound to end up in disappointment. :-)