Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tidal Force: What is it Good For?

Ok so I still consider myself really new to shaman healing. I am trying to use all my abilities in the best way I can, and am still running five mans to practice. I think I have pretty much mastered healing in five mans, so I want to start looking at healing more seriously and refine my raiding skills. First I have a problem with mana, but maybe that is my gear and mostly not remembering to use my water shield. Otherwise I think I am use to having a huge CD like innervate for me to regen a ton of mana. And no, mana tide totem is not the same!! But my biggest issue with healing is wondering if I have a good spec.

I have checked many shamans healing specs, and I have found that all the ones I have checked out have Tidal Force. I find myself never using this spell, and I would love to know when other shamans use it, or even if they are specd into it. For my mage I put crit increases into macros, so that I get all the use out of it I can, but is healing the same, or do you use it for only boss fights? Or do you not use it at all. I want to use this spell because I am sure it makes my healing more powerful during the time it is up, but is it worth the talents? So far I find myself never using it unless there is a ton of damage going around that I don't feel like I can handle. Maybe this spell is more useful than this?


drug said...

Just put Tidal Force into your NS emergency macros. Don't forget to have a macro for both, NS + HW and NS + CH!

Swing by my site from time to time for more resto shaman information.

Kayllnn said...

Thanks! I need shaman help, I have been doing okay, and I healed ToC 10 and VoA 25 already, but I want to be awesome, I'll check out your site