Monday, November 23, 2009

Main Toon

It seems as though everyone has a main toon they prefer to play with. Everyone I know tries to gear one toon over another, and wants one of their toons to be their progression toon. I am facing this choice now, because I think I want to become more serious about raiding. I want to have a toon that I focus on, and right now I play all of my toons and three of them around the same amount of time. I raid with all toons and all specs that I have, but I am feeling like this is holding me back from having one amazing toon. How do people decide which toon they want to focus on if they love all of their toons and specs.

I kinda feel like I want to focus on healing. My main has always been my mage, but she is probably the toon I play the least in 25 man raids. I also try for achievements on my mage. But people are always in need of healers. I enjoy healing, but I feel bad because my mage was my first toon. It seems stupid I suppose, but I really don't know how people choose what is their main toon. I wish someone could tell me how they choose what toon they primarily want to play, don't you get bored? I have fun with diversity, so I am afraid if I start becoming a serious raider I will get bored on the toon I choose. Ah choices, choices, is it really necessary to have a toon that you consider your main toon?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Know Your WoW: Shamans

Ok so I quickly wanted to mention the most basic thing a shaman or basically any WoW player should know. I am no expert by any means, but there are way to many shamans running around with gear that makes me go huh? Also too many people have no clue what the shaman trees mean. Cuz when I'm in a PuG I have seen way too many people say, what is an elemental shaman? Is that melee?

Enhancement- This tree is all about melee dps. You don't need spell power gear in order to have good dps in this spec. You should really be gearing like a hunter most basically. Take gear with agility, hit, crit, attack power. Things like this. Since both mail melee toons use mana this gear will come with intellect on it. With this intellect you will get some attack power because of Mental Dexterity. This means you want a ton of attack power to increase damage from your attacks that are spells. Please stop equipping spell gear you really don't need to, I know a shaman can be confusing but, you are melee stop rolling on caster gear.

Elemental- This tree is basically a casting tree. That is pretty much it, they cast spells and need normal spell gear. Don't get gear that has attack power on it, for some reason I have seen this, IDK?

Resto- This is the shamans healing tree. Yes they use spell power gear as well. I don't think there are as many misconceptions about this tree, resto is pretty obvious they are the ones with beams of healing around the room.

I say these things, because many shamans seem to be confused about their own class. When I inspect them their gear is confusing having both melee and spell power gear which is unnecessary. Also people ask shamans what spec they are, and when given a reply of, " I am enhance" they are left going uhhh...

Now you know, at least know that enhance is melee and elemental is a caster, see simple!

Leading the Raid

Over the last few weeks I have kind of been critical of my leading style. I have been thinking about what makes a good raid leader, and what kind of raids I enjoy leading, and what types of lead roles I prefer to have.

The Makings of a Good RL:
  • Communication!
    • It is absolutely essential for a RL to call things out, from everyone get near the snow mound, now get on the snow mound to hey DruidKittiez please battle rez that dead healer and then give them an innvervate.
    • Tell your healers what the tanks are doing, in a long phase fight they may forget. Now Bob is going to dps and Joe is going to be on Acidmaw and Frani on Dreadscale. Tank switches are essential info for healers and it doesn't hurt to get reminders from the RL.
    • Control the fight when something goes wrong. Frani is down! Joe taunt. Seems obvious but some tanks aren't always ready for this situation or they are off tanking something else and don't realize, and the RL's encouragement urges them to take quick action.
    • Reminders when you see something going wrong, like healers spread out so you don't all get frozen, or spit on by acid. Dps move out of the freaking fire, but in a nice way ya know?
  • Observation!
    • In order to have effective communication you MUST observe what is going on in the raid. You can't call things out if you don't know when your healers are dead or alive, and who has aggro, and when that dps is standing in the fire.
  • Control!
    • You must be in control, and people have to listen to you. Maybe this isn't something you can obtain and usually RLs have this naturally if they are good.
    • Don't let someone who is a strong leader take control from you, be confident in your choices and have them whisper you ideas, not call it out over vent. This will only confuse the raid.
  • Sacrifice! 
    • sacrifice? huh? Well you have to realize that in order to be a good RL, you have to sacrifice your own job in the raid to ensure that everyone else is doing theirs. Your dps should be lower because of this, and if you are healing, hopefully you are good at balancing both, and you probably shouldn't be the MT healer. 
    • I don't feel as though tanks should RL, but hey if you are good at doing both. I have seen over and over again, tanks having the inability to see things going on around them because of a huge boss hovering over them.
Different Kinds of Raid Leading:
  • 25 Mans-
    • In these types of raids, it is a good idea to set up different types of leads so their are people focusing on their own group and ensuring this group is doing their job. The RL might also be the heal lead or dps lead, but not both.
    • Trust your fellow leaders! Choose people you work with together well and assign them to help you if they are strong leaders. 
    • When picking a leader choose someone who knows different classes so they can make appropriate assignments. Nothing like a heal leader who thinks it is a good idea to put the druid on MT healing and the pally on raid healing, I mean maybe it is possible but use your resources wisely.
    • Choose a master looter, this makes your job much easier, and loot should be the furthest thing from your mind because you should be organizing the next fight, going over the strat and making assignments during loot or right after loot.
    • I personally sometimes get overwhelmed when leading 25 mans, so I much prefer a 10 man raid.
  • 10 Mans-
    • This is my favorite raid to lead, only 10 people so much less micromanagers needed.
    • You can do all of the assignments, plus manage master looting with no problems. If you want to have someone doing healing assigns you can, but should not have a problem doing it all yourself.
    • You have much more control, and you can see who is and who is not doing their job, and you have time to whisper them and talk to them on a personal level without calling them out in front of everyone.
    • For me it is much easier to be a strong raid leader in a 10 man, I feel much more comfortable being a good communicator in these raids, and I think communication is really vital to a raid's success.
  • PuGs-
    • Decide if you are willing to lead PuGs. I have decided a long time ago that I won't RL PuGs anymore.
    • No one knows you in a PuG, they don't usually care what you say, they are usually slow, and they get angry really easily.
    • If you screw up, people blame you even when no one listened to you in the first place.
    • Many times you can get lucky in a PuG and have no issues. I use to start up 25 man VoAs, and Naxx PuGs, but I found that it is too stressful to organize a PuG, at least for me.
    • Many times trying to find more people is the most frustrating part, and a lot of times no one is willing to help you. You have to spam trade, and LFM, and many times impatient people leave while waiting.
Premiere Leading Roles(in 25 mans):
  • Heal Lead-
    • This is probably my favorite assignment, preferably while not being RL. I like to organize the healers, and I try to understand different healing classes, and usually the healers are the most cohesive group realizing they have to work together to get things done.
  • DPS Lead-
    • This is a good assignment for me. It is easy to explain the dps's job, and to watch them to know who is standing in fires, etc. 
  • Tank Lead-
    • I don't tank a whole lot in raids, when I do it is typically a ten man, so there is no tank lead in those raids. But the tanks have to work well together and communicate with each other so this role is vital and someone needs to take charge and be a voice for the tanks. Good tanks are good communicators anyway.
  • Raid Assistant-
    • When I am a raid assistant, I feel like I should be looking for back ups, in case someone leaves the raid. Also maybe whispering the RL if someone isn't doing their job. Generally backing up the RL if he needs it.
  • Master Looter-
    • Booooo!! Much drama occurs around this position, and plus it is just not fun IMO, but there are few people out their who don't mind at all to take this job, so thank you master looters!
  • The BIg One! (Raid Leader)- 
    • This job comes with responsibility, and when you are a member of the raid you don't realize the pressure a RL faces. I will do this job, and I think I can do a decent job, but sometimes I prefer to sit back and be focused on a smaller group. So take this job with caution!
Raid Leading can be really rewarding, and I really enjoy being a part of the leadership in some way. It seems as though certain people are just made to lead, and WoW is no different. I kind of think the people who lead raids in WoW, lead in their real lives and maybe I am wrong, but good leaders just have a quality about them that people like to follow and trust.
So for me, I will enjoy my time raid leading, and trying to improve so that raids I am a part of can succeed.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ToC Ten: Another Day, Another Raid

I have done ToC 10 what seems like a million times. Since the release of ToC, I have cleared it every Monday night. But last night I decided to join up with some of my friends and fellow bloggers instead of my usual hard core group of acquaintances who just clear it with no problem week after week. I first came in on my mage, which is the toon I usually bring in there. Of course my dps would help since many of the people coming with us had never stepped foot in there. Hey it is more fun to wipe with close friends, than clear with people you like, but is more of a business relationship right?

Well of course my mage was doing the dps I expcected but it seemed as though we had problems healing. So after some discussion and acceptance of losing my dps, and wipes of course, I switched to my shaman to heal. Yay now this place is like a new raid altogether. Luckily for me my druid was saved, so i really got to experience something new. I love learning how to play on my shaman.

I am totally not one of those shamans who is obsessed with chain healing, so I quickly volunteered that I would be perfect for tank healing, especially since the other two healers were a holy priest and resto druid. This group make up seemed to work really well, and I worked really hard to keep an eye on my mana and keep my water shield up, and I did a good job, much better than when I started out healing a few weeks ago. I really like being the tank healer as well, since I am so use to raid healing on my druid. So I learned some things about my class that many raid leaders don't know.

So some perspectives from a noob shaman healer:

  • Shamans are awesome tank healers! 
    • With earth shield I kept the tank buffed with a little heal when he got hit, a great controller of spike damage as far as I could tell.
    • My riptide was a great way to top off the tank or even a raid member, and provide the spell haste I needed to my other heals so that I could keep the tank topped off at all times.
    • Lesser Healing wave made it to where I almost didn't need to cast healing wave, because the tank with my other heals, rarely needed that huge crit
    • But I think healing wave is what really makes shaman a viable tank healer, this spell will heal the tank for probably 1/3 or so of his or her HP.
  • Shamans should not spam chain heal, and is not the only thing they are useful for
    • In most fights last night my chain heal only hit one or two people because people were so spread out. I am so glad I am not a veteran shaman because I don't have to break the habit of spamming chain heal, I just am trying hard to not get myself into that habit.
  • I love Mail!
    • I did notice a difference in my survival rate from my druid in faction champions. I mean maybe I shouldn't have because my druid gets a buff from tree form, but maybe it was the extra HP on mail gear that made me feel a little more safe taking hits.
  • The biggest thing I learned last night, is how important it is for the healing team to be in sync.
    • When you blog, you read a lot of blogs from other healers. It is so helpful to know what other classes' strengths are! This will help you to gauge what you should be focused on during a raid, and how to help your healers. When that druid healer is running from legion flames I am not too worried b/c they can rejuv and swiftmend themselves, which is what I do on my druid. But on my shaman send me heals please, because my riptide doesn't quite cut it. 
    • Knowing the other classes you are healing with is priceless, and makes any healing team stronger.
Maybe this is why after the switch we cleared three bosses, before it was our bed time. Two of us have tried to familiarize ourselves with other healers strengths and weaknesses by reading blogs and studying other classes. I think this made us more in sync and aware, which made us succeed. Next week I am certain we can clear the entire raid, too bad our bed time was at 11 last night. But I am definitely looking forward to next week, and now my friends may trust me to bring my shaman yay!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First Trip Into 25 Man ToC

I use to be the type of person who would PuG any puggable raid, but lately I have been ultra lazy in my pugging, not even completing VoA 25 on all my 80s yet, which is sad. But i just needed a break from pugging and I am still on that break. So I was ultra excited and nervous for our guild alliance to attempt 25 Man ToC. I was chosen as RL, because I have cleared 10 man a million times, I was capable right? I was so nervous because we had been on break for so long, and now coming back to a raid that many others haven't even seen.

I was pleasantly surprised by what we accomplished in the short two hours of actual raid time we dedicated to the raid. I thought we would struggle on the first boss, I mean many of these people haven't even been in here before, but was ecstatic when we one-shotted the Beasts Of Northrend. And only a few attempts on Lord Jaraxxus we got him down as well yay!

I thought all of our alliance members were doing a great job, and I was proud of our healers especially, since I was leading the healing team specifically as well as the raid. Plus I got a new item, which I haven't in some time from an actual drop, very exciting to receive Boots of the Unrelenting Storm.

When we got to the faction champions, I was a little worried and for good cause. I mean how do you formulate a good strat for this fight? I did the best I could with the help of other veterans of ToC, and we attempted to take down the holy priest then the resto shaman. I assigned people to do interrupts on the pally healer, and shaman until we got to that point. After two healers down we had hoped to kill a dps but unfortunately we never got to that point.

 Ah, oh well I was happy with our achievements for the night, so I promptly called the raid at designated end time. I am still feeling as though it was a success, and although I am sure I could clear this each week in a PuG, I was happy because we did it with friends, and our alliance.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tidal Force: What is it Good For?

Ok so I still consider myself really new to shaman healing. I am trying to use all my abilities in the best way I can, and am still running five mans to practice. I think I have pretty much mastered healing in five mans, so I want to start looking at healing more seriously and refine my raiding skills. First I have a problem with mana, but maybe that is my gear and mostly not remembering to use my water shield. Otherwise I think I am use to having a huge CD like innervate for me to regen a ton of mana. And no, mana tide totem is not the same!! But my biggest issue with healing is wondering if I have a good spec.

I have checked many shamans healing specs, and I have found that all the ones I have checked out have Tidal Force. I find myself never using this spell, and I would love to know when other shamans use it, or even if they are specd into it. For my mage I put crit increases into macros, so that I get all the use out of it I can, but is healing the same, or do you use it for only boss fights? Or do you not use it at all. I want to use this spell because I am sure it makes my healing more powerful during the time it is up, but is it worth the talents? So far I find myself never using it unless there is a ton of damage going around that I don't feel like I can handle. Maybe this spell is more useful than this?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Questionnaires Are Fun!! Tanking Time

Ok answering these questionnaires is just fun! Since I have healers, tanks, and dps I wanna do them all! Ok so I refuse to answer the one for dps, I love dpsing but eh doesn't seem as useful. Tanks and healers really need to understand each other, since they work closely together in raids. Since I have two tanks I am just gonna answer for both.

What is the name, class, and spec of your primary tank? Frostblood, Death Knight, Blood & Frost/ and Kailanii, Druid, Feral

What is your primary tanking environment? (i.e. raids, pvp, 5 mans)
Mostly five and ten mans, tanking is the job I do least in raids, but I have put time and effort into learning my classes and how to be a tank when a tank is needed, and DK tanking is just fun!

What is your favorite tanking spell for your class and why?
For my DK, it is Death Grip, I love add tanking and I love being able to stop those spellcasters!! For my druid it would have to be swipe, I mean seriously who said Bears can't add tank?

What tanking spell do you use least for your class and why?
Honestly, for my DK I use everything we have, rune strike is easy to use in my blood spec but when I am frost I forget to use it, IDK why, so maybe rune strike is my least favorite as a frost, which oops it is supposed to generate my threat, bad DK! For my druid, I don't have a least favorite ability just wish I had more awesome CDs like my DK does.

What do you feel is the biggest strength of your tanking class and why?
DK biggest strength, is AoE threat, I love add tanking! I actually think I am meant to be an OT, main tanking gets sort of boring for me. I also love the many CDs my DK has especially in blood spec! The biggest strength on my druid is that I am a big punching bag, seriously we are so fat I don't think the damage can penetrate to us! I don't see how we dodge so much though since we are so heavy and slow lol.

What do you feel is the biggest weakness of your tanking class and why?
DK biggest weakness has to be being healed. I swear people have a much easier time healing me when I am on my druid, and when I am blood over frost specd. DK have a tendency of taking huge damage even when def capped. Biggest weakness for my druid is not being able to see. It sounds stupid but my butt is so huge, I mean I can hold aoe aggro, I can easily hold boss aggro, but I can't see around my huge butt!

In a 25 man raiding environment, what do you feel, in general, is the best tanking assignment for you?
As a death knight my best assignment would have to be adds, I would say a lot of times we can compete with pallys for threat on adds. I have stolen many a threat without taunting with that crazy D&D combined with howling blast. My druid should be the main tank, on the boss since bears have huge health and dodge.

What tanking class do you enjoy tanking with most and why? 
This really really depends on the person not necessarily the class. I have tanked with every type of tank in raids, and I honestly love being with a pally the most. But seriously anyone who has any sense is fine with me.

What tanking class do you enjoy tanking with least and why?
I would say a DK, I know it is sad I love DK tanking, and I created my DK so that I didn't have to pay respeccing bills on my druid, I mean I heal, dps, and tanking just doesn't fit into dual speccing unfortunately. I still tank sometimes on my druid, but my DK was made to be a tank, and the class has some weaknesses still.

What is your worst habit as a tank?
I would say on both my tanks getting too much involved on threat and not paying enough attention to my own health. It usually isn't a problem cuz on my DK I heal myself with my rotation, but I should probably be quicker on blowing CDs and using them more often so my healers don't have to work as hard.

What is your biggest pet peeve in a group environment while tanking? 
Impatient DPS, when I say I am doing a LoS pull in a five man, and they start dpsing before the mobs are around the corner I want to let them die. Same as in raids, I usually tank adds and many times dps will hit them before you have even looked at them! Seriously get some patience, I should just let you die.

Do you feel that your class/spec is well balanced with other tanks?
I think DK are balanced ok, for tanking with other classes and not really with their own class. They are a little weak to have two DK tanks in a raid, it can be done, but not ideal IMO. Druids are awesome tanks to have by anyone's side, I mean they are fierce and can take a crap ton of damage cmon.

What tools do you use to evaluate your own performance as a tank?
Omen for threat! Honestly I don't really use recount for anything but to make sure the dps are doing their jobs. I also use tanktotals to see how much my talents are mitigating damage, I love it!

What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about your class?

That death knights suck. I mean yeah a lot of them do, but there are a lot of really good death knight tanks. As far as druids go, that we have poor AoE threat. Are you kidding me? 360 degree swipe equals crazy AoE threat, and I can def. hold my own on trash mobs against other tanks.

What do you feel is the most difficult thing for new tanks of your class to learn?
As a DK people have to learn not to suck. Learning which spells generate the most threat, and using your CDs. I am thinking Blizz gave us so many so we could use them regularly. As a druid, for some reason people have problems understanding AoE threat, you don't have to sit there and attack each target immediately just swipe, swipe, and demoralizing roar!

Effective Health or Avoidance and why?
I really try to balance these for both my toons. My DK probably has more avoidance than effective health, but I feel this is necessary for DK because healers can be overwhelmed with DK's and the big damage they take. Druids have a huge health pool, but also love the dodge.

What tanking class do you feel you understand least?
Probably a warrior. I have no idea what they do except for charge things. O and I love their vigilance but what else do they do?

What add-ons or macros do you use, if any, to aid you in tanking?
Just omen, to help me keep an eye on my threat. Maybe I should look into more add-ons for tanking, hmm..

Monday, November 2, 2009

Caster vs. Melee: The Battle of the DPS

Of the raids I have experienced I have done them as both melee dps and caster dps. I love to hear people say, oh well everything is so much easier for melee and others say that ranged dps have it much easier. It seems as to me that I have a distinct advantage of experience this game in the eyes of both, not by my own choosing but chance of the toons I chose when I began playing this game.

I would like to argue that both types of dps have problems in some fights while the other side excels. Neither is distinctly easier or has a better dpsing life than the other. The game is well balanced and many fights cater to one or the other, or neither in particular.

RANGED- Ranged dps generally have to worry about cast times, and all have a mana pool that they must work with. You would think that since you are ranged and don't really have to move that you can just stand there happily and spam cast spells. In many fights this is the opposite of true. Melee need to understand, when they are running around all of their attacks or spells are instant casts, they only have to think about the global cooldown, not long cast times when they are forced to move. Many times when I am on my mage I have to interrupt a 2-3 second cast in order to blink out of some fire or ice, or poison, etc. Trust me this weighs heavily on my dps because most of my long spells hit/crit anywhere from 8-13k so interrupting one is not favorable, but this happens many times in one boss fight. Even my elemental shaman has to interrupt a spell in order to quickly get off an interrupt. It goes for AOE damage as well. For my mage it is channeled for my shaman it is a cast. For both it is interrupted when something appears that I have to move out of.

Also, many ranged have more jobs than melee that they must worry about. As a mage, at least, I have to worry about counter-spelling in many fights, many times spell stealing buffs that could increase damage on a tank, and sometimes crowd control is needed in a boss fight. if I'm playing on a melee dps I don't have to stop casting a possible lengthy spell to get an interrupt off, melee simply interrupt after an attack and before another attack. It does not weigh as heavily on melee dps.

Another downfall of being a ranged dps is a mana pool to worry about. Sure in most boss fights it is no problem and we don't have to worry about it, since most ranged are geared when they start to raid. But what about those long fights? Or when we die and recieve a brez and begin with hardly any mana? Well this can make a huge difference trying to take the time to build back mana, for a mage by evocating or a mana gem. While melee can just pop up and dps away.
On top of all that, us ranged dps are generally wimps! Most ranged dps wears cloth, and are considered squishy. We have to be much more aware of standing in fire, or poison clouds, because we die much quicker. Ranged have to be a little more aware of their surroundings as far as AOE damage goes.

Please Note: None of this really applies to hunters, are they like the ultimate mix? I don't know too much about them so I can't argue what trials they face during a boss fight.

MELEE- So clearly after all of that the melee have the true advantage? Not so much... So many people complain about melee dps, saying that they just get to dps and don't have to worry about their surroundings because they just follow the tank. LOL. Sorry but this cracks me up. Yes as a melee one distinct advantage is that you have instant attacks and you don't ever have to worry about interrupted cast times in order to move. Think about this one large disadvantage of being melee: In many fights the boss moves around, all the while the melee should be expected to just keep right behind him no matter where he goes. Well guess what, this game has lag, which means sometimes you think you are there but you are out of range, and many times the tank moves the target and you have no idea what the tank is thinking so you can only attempt to keep up and continue attacking. Although you aren't facing cast times, you are facing keeping up with the boss, and for sure going out of range at some point if you are not very aware of where the boss is at all times. It is even worse when the ranged pull aggro. Should I run, should I wait? All the time the ranged are happily dpsing away. Oh and guess what shocking thing I have noticed when I am a kitty, sometimes the tank is not aware that you, all the melee dps, is taking damage and the tank should really move the boss. Instead it is up to you to notice and move your own ass out of there.

Think about this fight: In XT my kitty has to run out when she gets a gravity or light bomb. My mage one blink and dps away, or the group is already spread out so no worries just keep dpsing. While my poor kitty is doing nothing but running back and forth not accomplishing any damage. Oh yeah and don't forget about those wonderful boss fights that the boss does a knock back/stun. For melee this interrupts their dps, and forces them to run back losing dps time, lucky kittys with their feral kitty pounce don't have to worry about this one as much as those poor death knights. One more fight I would like to mention that melee is at a distinct disadvantage is Emalon in VoA, I mean really we have to run out of Nova run over to the add on the other side of the room, when do we get a break? My mage... umm rotate and dps away.

Another rule to melee dps, ALWAYS stand behind the boss. In many cases this is impossible. Not only does this test your expertise rating, which should be capped but tests your dps. Ok so many melee don't have to be behind the boss to do their maximum damage but druids definitely do, and some specs of rogues. And I would be pretty confident in saying that most dps will go down when melee is forced to stay in front of the boss, due to the wide amount of different stats you require to do maximum dps in front of the boss, expertise and armor penetration, who even knows what that is? Also many times there is a debuff placed behind the boss, like a fire from those stupid snobolds in ToC, ok so now where do I stand? Another melee dilemma which decreases dps.

I have noticed that some fights such as XT and the Twins in ToC are awesome for my mage, my dps is wonderful. Fights such as Malygos and Hodir seem to be great for my druid. So let's stop arguing about how the other side has it so much better. Each class has its own difficulties they must learn to overcome to compete as a dps. From my own experience, it is well balanced in a dungeon overall, and my dps equals out to about the same on both toons. If you are a good player you can achieve amazing dps no matter what class you play.

Kologarn: A Kitty's Worst Nightmare

Although many people are above and beyond Kologarn, I still visit him sometimes and as a mage I love him, but when I am on my druid proudly pulling over 5k dps and usually 6k on the other bosses, I want to complain and cry and whine for a long time, until someone says just go resto so you don't have to complain. I had troubles a long time with Kologarn as a kitty, because if you get behind him to shred you fall a long way down and then die. So you are pretty useless dead, and dead dps is worse than the horrible shredless dps that I had become accustomed to.

Then one day, I was running 25 man Ulduar with two other kittys and I thought maybe they know a secret that I don't. Well one of the kittys was right next to me in dps which was number 5 or 6 on the dps meter, which is just not okay because we were on top before this fight! The other kitty was second in dps which she had been beneath me in most of the other fights. Yay there is a way to dps that stupid giant man with all of his arms. Apparently the way to dps Kologarn as a kitty is to stand in the middle get your savage roar going and swipe, swipe, swipe. Yeah, so okay you are dpsing all three arms, but whatever you aren't doing crappy dps by focusing on the right arm and doing 3k dps. Note: By doing this method you really should have the right arm targeted keep your mangle debuff, rake debuff active, and rip when full on points. This way you aren't forgetting your primary job of dpsing the right arm, but keeping the bleed effects on it will be sufficient. The swipe you are using while waiting for the bleed effects to be re-applied will be more dps to the right arm as well as overall, than you would have if you were sitting there spamming mangle which is high energy and not efficient dps. At least after fighting this boss tons of times, this is what I have found works for me.

I have now done the swipe-lazy method on this boss in 10 man and 25 man, and there were no issues with getting the right arm down, so feel free to swipe away. The raid isn't harmed and it can save you your sanity, at least it did me, I don't enjoy feeling like I suck. If you already knew this then great, but I see lots of new feral dpsers running around out there, so don't let Kologarn get you down.