Friday, September 25, 2009

Too Many Toons Too Little Time

Right now I am struggling for more of a balance in WoW. It seems easy when you are in a guild and you raid with your guild and then you do your dailies and that is it. But what do you do when you are GM of a guild, officer of a completely different guild alliance, which my guild is not a major part of, and raiding with another group of friends that is not part of either my guild or my alliance? Yeah plus having three 80s and trying to learn how to play each one and actually be good.

My guild use to be a very small guild consisting of some people who have played together for a very long time. We have grown to having over 25 individual 80s not counting their numerous alts, which means now our guild can raid 25 mans! We currently have two ten man Ulduar teams which seems to be working but every once in awhile we want to do something as a complete guild which means I have the responsibility to set up a 25 man raid, and lead it. Running one ten man a week for the guild is ok, but those weeks when we do a 25 man raid gets complicated with all the other raiding I do, but of course my guild comes first, although I never thought we would make it this far or be able to have a full 25 man raid.

My guild alliance is very near and dear to me as I have been with it since it was created. We have worked hard to have a casual raiding atmosphere using multiple small guilds and we raid twice a week at least. We are currently in Ulduar 25 and progress seems like it has slowed quickly. For some reason we have major problems with Hodir and can't get past him. I have downed him in ten man but it is much harder to have 25 people organized than 10. I am glad our alliance is taking a week off I definitely need the break and the time for my Brewfest meta-achievment.

As far as Monday nights, this is definitely my favorite night to raid. 25 man raids can be tiring and trying to help organize and lead, whether it be healing lead or just helping replace people, or on rare occasions just raiding, I find myself having more fun in ten mans. My ten man ToC group is awesome, they are focused, and all very good players. Luckily we have been clearing ToC for a few weeks now and some attempts in heroic. Hopefully we can clear heroic soon, but the difficulty level is much higher. This raid is more like a nice break for the week, as I can just sit and dps, and I am in no way a leader in this one which is very relaxing.

The one thing I like about raiding with three different groups is that I can raid with all my toons. My guild gets dibs on my tanking death knight since that is what we need right now, tanks, but of course whatever the guild is in need of that is which of my toons they will get. In my raiding alliance I bring my druid although I have a hard time being able to dps because of the lack of healers signing up each week. My ten man ToC gets my mage which I could not be more happy about because they have never asked me to heal, and they barely even have knowledge that I am able to. I feel like I need a clone, my mage gets one...

So the question remains, how do I do all of this and do fairly well in law school. I mean ironically I am sitting in Constitutional Law now and they are having a discussion about gay marriage, how do I manage this? Not to mention my friends in RL think I am crazy for doing all of this and yes some how I hang out with them too. I guess I will just continue to be spread too thin and be tired for classes every day because of this silly game. So when you guys are raiding with me and I have just scrounged up enough money for reagents and repairs now you know why I don't do dailies!

Druid Healz

So... I am considering re-speccing feral/feral. I am currently resto/feral dps. I really hate raid healing, I mean I don't mind doing it every once in awhile, but really overall I don't like it. I would like to keep my healing spec because I like being able to heal in 5 mans and I don't mind healing sometimes on occasion in ten mans. Healing in a 25 man raids sucks, it is either really hard or mind numbingly easy and absolutely boring. In Ulduar healing is pretty taxing, a lot of damage goes around. Regardless I am not a big fan of healing and just because I am good at it, which is the raid's excuse for forcing me to do it, doesn't mean I want to do it. Why do I sign up for raids to have fun, when I am forced to do something I don't enjoy. Of course if I refuse I feel very guilty so that is the dilemma. I may just respec in order to never heal in a raid again. I have tried to insist that feral is my main spec, but maybe the RL doesn't believe me? By the way is dps totally useless? Notice in 25 man I am usually around 5-6k dps depending on the boss, cmon stop forcing me into this. I'm not sure where to go from here...

ToC Nerf

It seems as though every time Blizz releases a new raid they also decide to nerf it soon after. Only a select few people are able to complete the fight the way it is? I'm not really sure, but it seems as though by nerfing the pvp boss in ToC it will allow almost any group to clear it with ease. This boss had previously been the one thing stopping everyone from having ToC on farm, and allowing only really coordinated, geared groups to clear this raid. Of course when I am healing I like the nerf because the raid damage is really not that bad anymore, but ya know, cmon this is one fight that made me feel good about clearing ToC in two hours every Monday night. I guess it is time to focus on heroic ToC maybe it will be more reasonable to clear.