Monday, November 23, 2009

Main Toon

It seems as though everyone has a main toon they prefer to play with. Everyone I know tries to gear one toon over another, and wants one of their toons to be their progression toon. I am facing this choice now, because I think I want to become more serious about raiding. I want to have a toon that I focus on, and right now I play all of my toons and three of them around the same amount of time. I raid with all toons and all specs that I have, but I am feeling like this is holding me back from having one amazing toon. How do people decide which toon they want to focus on if they love all of their toons and specs.

I kinda feel like I want to focus on healing. My main has always been my mage, but she is probably the toon I play the least in 25 man raids. I also try for achievements on my mage. But people are always in need of healers. I enjoy healing, but I feel bad because my mage was my first toon. It seems stupid I suppose, but I really don't know how people choose what is their main toon. I wish someone could tell me how they choose what toon they primarily want to play, don't you get bored? I have fun with diversity, so I am afraid if I start becoming a serious raider I will get bored on the toon I choose. Ah choices, choices, is it really necessary to have a toon that you consider your main toon?


Miss Medicina said...

awww Kelly, we've been through this before. I have no expectation that you will ever settle on one toon - it's just not your style! You more than anyone else I know crave real diversity - and you raid so much that I can't blame you!

I say just try and play them all equally when you can, and then you are always able to help out in a raid when needed. It's not like it's really that difficult to get gear anymore anyway!

You're specialty is your flexibility. No need to get rid of that.

Kayllnn said...

Aww.. thanks Jess, I guess I am too fickle to have a main toon lol. I like having one of everything =)

Cassandri said...

Choosing your main toon shouldn't be about which class/role is needed it should be about which character you just plain enjoy the most.

If you really do intend to devote more time to one character in order to progress them into raids or difficult settings that you've not yet experienced choose the one that you feel confident playing, even when everything has gone fubar, but one that you feel you could still improve at playing.

One that you've mastered about 90% of the way.

And just because you devote a lot of your resources into one character don't think that detracts from your other characters. Your main should feel like wearing your favourite jeans, playing your alts should feel like wearing the latest fashion trend.