Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shaman Post 3.3.2

Ok, so I was able to do my ICC ten last night to see how the change affected my dps. This week I am starting ICC 25 as well, so I will be able to see how I compare with other ele shamans. So I have really only been comparing myself to myself. As far as I could tell, my dps was an improvement. For Lady Death whatever I had been doing around 4500 and last night I pulled around 5k. Gunship I was doing around 4500,  which before I did 4k. This could mean absolutely nothing because the raid make up was different, and of course there are always other variables to consider. But overall it seemed on each fight I did a little more dps than I did last week, and the week before. (Except for Marrowgar, I did the same amount of dps b/c I died) I didn't get any new huge upgrades in b/w so I am guessing the buff definitely helped. Also last week I had an arcane mage and last night I didn't, hmm... with a mage my dps could be incredible! I also ran Patchwerk last night for the weekly raid quest on both my shaman and my mage. Yay! A good way to compare the two on a tank and spank. Soo.... ya, my mage def kicked butt on that and yes her gear isn't as good as my shamans. So, mages still kick butt, although I was much closer to her than before. Shammy pulled a little over 7k dps, and mage was hovering around 8k.

So the point of the day is, don't play toons just because they are OP at the moment, Blizzard does care and does attempt to improve the classes that need it. Stick with the characters you love to play. O and gratz to the locks for your buff as well, even though you hate my mage, I don't mind you and your little angry imps.


Miss Medicina said...

What is this 25 man ICC in which you are participating?

Kayllnn said...

My guild plus my other guild lol. We are combining to do a 25 man, and I keep wanting to talk to Ful cuz he mentioned doing one, but neither of us wanted to lead. This one with Pajowa is all set up by someone else, I am going as a participant. But hey I could do another 25 man if you are gonna raid lead =P