Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gear Score=DPS?

Have you noticed that any 80 running around Dalaran, from any non recognizable guild can have a pretty awesome gear score? Well I definitely have, and I love to inspect them and see what all they have equipped. Awesome gear from ICC? No, not even close, not even gear from ToC. Just gear you can buy from the vendors. Although I was annoyed when Blizzard made awesome gear available to everyone, I have come to realize, just because the gear in Dalaran has an awesome gear score, does not mean it is better gear and equals more dps. I think mostly, it is not people's fault that they don't understand, you would think if it is a higher ilvl it is an upgrade.

When I run with people who don't typically raid, but have high gear scores, I can definitely tell in their dps. Why is it that this person has 245 items and mine are only 232, but my dps is much higher? Probably the stats are better on the gear I choose. The 245 gear from vendors is not as good as getting your tier 9 set, on most classes. (I don't play all classes so not sure for all) And just because the cloak for frost badges is the cheapest thing available does not mean you should buy it. I mean I am talking about dpsers here, and the cloak has Mp5 on it! Why not get your tier gear first? Or at least the belt which is super awesome? Ya I know, the tier gear is only 251 ilvl, instead of 264, but many of the 2 piece set bonuses on tier are awesome. I only dps on a shaman, mage, and feral druid, but I know these are all worth it. I know that a boomkin is worth it as well. So research and find out what people of your class are saying about t10 set bonuses. O and btw, the triumph badge trinkets suck! Ok, I have one on my shammy because I had absolutely nothing else from raiding, and I hate using it, but if you have something else you should definitely be using it. Equip/Equip trinkets are almost always better than Equip/Use.

I have a great story that illustrates my point. There is a mage in my guild, who is a decent player who could not for her life figure out why her dps was lower, much lower, than mine when my gear score was much lower than hers. Well I inspected her, and freaked out! Her haste was really low, her gear was all bought, and her trinket was the hit trinket, when she was waaay over hit cap! So I proceeded to ask her if she had any other trinkets. She did, but they were both ilvl 200. She had in her bags Embrace of the Spider and Abyssal Rune. So I told her to switch out her awesome ilvl trinket, and switch out most of her gems. There were a few pieces of gear I told her to go grab. Including finishing off her t9 set bonus, instead of those juicy 245 helms, and shoulders, etc. from the Dalaran badge vendor. We had done a test on the IF dummy, and yes I realize how this isn't the best way to gauge dps. Her dps before switching out gear, was around 3k. Her gear score was well over 5k at this point. After she did the recommended upgrades/ilvl downgrades, we did a re-test. Her gear score was then 4700. Yep I forced her to lower her gear score. So the re-test. The conditions were the same, her dps was over 5k. WHAT!? But doesn't gear score mean everything? As any skilled raider will tell you, no! Also, to further my point, she went from doing 4k on tank and spank fights to doing up to 7k!!! Pre- heroism! I mean wow, what an improvement.

This doesn't come from people being stupid about the game, it would just seem like a better gear score equals higher dps, and maybe it should. But it absolutely does not. If you are serious about improving your dps you really need to learn what stats are good for your class. If you are unsure about gear there are so many people willing to help you, so ask them. People ask me all the time and I am happy to help. It doesn't help that people in Dalaran are requiring a certain gear score to go to a certain raid. I realize there has to be a cut off, but gear score does not equal dps.


Anonymous said...

Hi first off let me tell you alittle about myself. I'm in the Air Force currently in Iraq until April. I've been gone from home since July. I raided pretty hardcore on my mage in BC beating "the game" pre-nerfs. I was the 2nd mage by 5 hours to hit 80 on my server. Just some back ground.

Thanks for blogging about WoW it is a way to say up to date on everything.

I do have internet here but it is not raid worthy, it's not even 5man worty sometimes. But needless to say I am one of those people that has mostly all badge gear. I think you are right to an extent, and maybe I'm a minority where I can't raid right now so I have to get the best gear available to me which is the badge gear. Maybe there are other people out there that can't raid due to timing conflicks or other things. But then again even with 3K latency I can still pull off over 4-5K dps. Maybe its your friends rotation. I don't know I could just be blowin smoke.

After all this I guess I never really got to a point. I think as it's always been said Skill > Gear anyway you think about it. There are 2 guilds running nothing but Blues and are pulling 4-5k or even more dps. In BC Nihilum finished BT in mostly T3 and things they picked up on the way to BT.

Thats it I think again thanks for writing I hope to seen more in the future!


Kayllnn said...

Thanks for posting! I understand that a lot of people don't have time to raid. Maybe I wasn't completely clear, I know people who upgrade to something only because of its gear score. People who go to raids occasionally and have a decent item from that, and still take an item simply b/c of its gear score. Also you can buy tier gear with badges, and for many classes the tier is better even tho the gear score is lower. So, I agree that skill is much more important than gear. But just trying to make a point, that just because the ilvl number is higher doesn't mean someone should switch to that item.

Purelight said...

I'm not hard core into raiding so badge gear is the only real way I get gear, but I must say I find myself surprised when the gear score says one thing but your dps and/or healing says another. Even when I was in blues and greens I was able to hold my own in healing 10 mans and even some very nice 25 mans thanks to a buddy of mine. Now with all purples going and mostly above 226 I think that I'm ok on gear but I can tell you I have met some people that can't hold their own at all, even with a much larger gear score than myself. To me people MUST know what they need for their class before purchsing a gear piece. I have purchased stuff before and regretted it because it made my healing worse. DPS equaling gear is not feasible anymore. Skill and knowing your class and playing style is essential nowadays.