Thursday, February 18, 2010

Arena Beginnings: The Healer

Lately, I have become disenchanted with the art of healing on my druid. Raid healing becomes sort of mundane to me. The habits I have gotten into make druid healing too repetitive. Maybe if I didn't run around constantly while healing, moving out of crap would present more of a challenge. Maybe if I waited longer to try to heal the raid, I would be fighting to keep them alive, instead of hotting them up for damage I know they will take. Druid healers are awesome to bring into any raid, especially movement fights. I use to enjoy healing in raids on my druid. But now I am taking a break. So I appointed my shaman to head raider, so I still get to enjoy healing in raids. Ya shamans have way less spells, but I would argue that for me shaman healing is much more challenging... anyway...

...My druid isn't completely useless. My friend proposed that we put together an arena team. He said I should bring any toon I wanted. So I went into some bg's with both my shaman and druid and healed away. My mage would have been fun to pvp with, but since he is taking that role, I was determined to be our healer. We recruited a rogue, and we all queued up together for some practice. I use to pvp on my druid all the time, when I was bored with pve content, and I leveled my shaman in bgs  while healing. After our practice runs I was pretty sure I preferred druid healing in pvp. Being able to run around constantly is actually a huge advantage, and is a challenge because when a rogue sees a tree, you know he will try and stun lock you. So I decided to make my druid our primary healer for 3's. I can't wait to see how we do, the more I pvp the more determined I am to be able to live through any class pounding on me. BTW if you are a dk, I'm sorry but your army of the dead is not going to help you kill me, when we are in the middle of nowhere by ourselves. I have counted at least 3 dk's trying to army me in AB when no one else was around. 

I am looking forward to the new challenge with druid healing. Of course my priorities change versus raid healing, so it will take some adjusting. Best way to prepare is to do BGs get some resilience gear, and use leftover triumphs for extra resilience gear. Our first week I had no resilience gear and I was still pve specd, and no barskin glyph. We won three matches out of ten, which is kinda sad, but even with my first two pvp pieces I can now live through a rogue sap with barkskin. So I am excited to see how we do this next week. 

I love the fact that I can change the game, by joining something new like an arena team, and I have to relearn and respec in order to do well. I take back the things I said about WOTLK being boring, or maybe to easy to grab content for PuGs. I am excited about the fact that I am progressing on one toon with ICC, and now on this one I can see how I stand in pvp, something completely different. Wish me luck.


Miss Medicina said...

I like this font. It comes across much more readable in a feedreader format.

Fuubaar said...

Hey, if you were ever interested in having a Priest (Disc or Shadow) tag along, I would love to try it out. She's got a few pieces of Resillience gear.

I've always wanted to try out Arena but I'm unaware how to begin.

<3 Fuu

Kayllnn said...

We should make fives! Shadow priest would be fun for their dispels. Plus every team benefits from a good aoe fear.

Fuubaar said...

That sounds like fun. Are you guys still doing it? I would like to give it a try. I need to respec Abigora to a have a pvp shadow spec and start running some BGs to get a feel for it again (I've been running BGs as Disc).

Let me know,