Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Best Healing Fight in ICC

Valithria Dreamwalker I love you!! So currently in ICC 10 we run with two healers on basically every fight. So I'm running primary spec dps, and back up heals if needed. I am so happy that I get to heal on this fight. I know others have been on this dragon for awhile, but I was just recently introduced to this boss. Basically, the tanks and dps focus on tons of adds while the healers get to experience pure healing joy, and spamming their biggest most awesome spells available to them.

I was thoroughly confused as to what I was suppose to do as a healer when I first attempted this boss. The whole point of the fight is to heal the big dragon up to 100% hp. How to go about this? Well you have to have one healer keeping an eye on the raid, so you can dedicate a healer or rotate healers through the portals. We have a dedicate pally on the raid, b/c ya he can beacon the big dragon! The other healers take turns clicking on a portal, or so I was told a portal, but really a green ball that you can jump on like getting into a vehicle. Once you click on the green ball you can start flying around collecting stacks of green awesome. All you have to do is fly through the green clouds floating around, and collect as many as you can before you get knocked out of this state. Once you get knocked back down to the ground, you can begin healing. (I thought I could heal in the air while flying, I was confused, maybe I wasn't paying enough attention to the explain). Each stack of green increases healing done by 10% and increases mana regen. So spam away! Target the big dragon, apparently she is not on healbot, so just click her big butt. Our priest's healing one one attempt was over 15k hps. It is just really fun to heal away, with no overheal! This is finally a fight that lets the healers shine, and takes away all the glory the dps have received in ICC. So enjoy healers, I know I did.

A few tips: If you want to go easy mode go with four healers. The dps will be fine, but maybe this is kinda too easy for some of those hard core raiders. Don't send too many healers in the portals at one time. They will steal each others stacks, and it is much better for them to have more than 6 or so stacks each. When you click on the green, hit your space bar right away, flying around as quickly as you can and stacking the green clouds. Always heal the dragon if your raid doesn't need heals. If you raid healer has mana issues let them go up once to get a few clouds for the mana regen. The fight has a soft enrage at around 6 minutes. A crap ton more adds come out, so it is essential to finish the boss before this point. Heroism makes the dragon really huge and it is just cool looking. Since I am a shaman the only shield I really have is earth shield. But sorry disco priests, this dragon isn't taking damage so no shielding necessary. She starts at 50% so just healing spams needed. Enjoy your time to shine healers, after this fight the heals are back down to two.


Purelight said...

I can't wait to get my pally healer in this fight!