Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Princes Down

My ten man finally downed the blood princes. Not that we had made many attempts in the past, but I think we were going about ICC all the wrong way. On our first night we would clear everything up to Rotface and then move on to Dreamwalker. Then on our second night we would make a few attempts on a new boss, but we had different people show up on our second night. I mean, why would people want to come to a pure progression night if we aren't really getting anywhere. Last night our core group decided the best way to encourage people to come both nights was to leave some easy bosses alive for Monday night and go straight for some progression. And it totally worked! We downed Saurfang and went straight for the princes. We made about three attempts on them before our kill. We only had two tanks, using a dk instead of a ranged tank on Keleseth. We also learned the fight with two healers, our shammy/shammy team. 

A few tips to the frustrated healer: You don't need three healers, you might want to use three for learning but definitely not required if you usually run with two. MOST of the damage taken is avoidable by your dps, and as a healer you are in the position to know when they are taking hits that they shouldn't be. So communication is key, letting them know what you see as far as avoidable damage goes. The fight seems so confusing, but once you learn the abilities and where the damage is coming from it really isn't that bad. Make sure you stay spread out, stay away from the shiny orbs and fire orbs. These things might be pretty but are bad. The most annoying part of this fight for a healer is the shock vortex. We can heal through a lot of damage, but when people are knocked out of our range there is nothing we can do. So this is a big one to avoid. DBM lets you know if you are standing too close to this, so listen to your warnings! Once your group learns what to avoid, the role of healing is back to normal and not so chaotic. 

After our new raid kill we went to OS 3D. I had never even done OS on my shaman since she is my newest 80 so I got a ton of achievements really fast. I became Champion of the Frozen Wastes and Emeraldstorm of the Nightfall at the same time. Of course I didn't win the roll on the mount, but oh well we made progress in ICC last night. And I am still happy every new fight we succeed in our shammy/shammy team.