Friday, March 19, 2010

The Day the Mage Loved the Warlock

So around 1am last night I decided to go on a ToC 25 raid on my mage. I mean, there is a chance for a trinket or something, so might as well. The raid was a struggle, I have never been in such a long ToC 25, and I joined at the twins. It seemed as though many people did not know the fights, but I stuck with it. I am definitely not one to give up on an unsuccessful raid, especially when the raid leader is trying her best to explain the fights to people who didn't know them. So after being in ToC on two bosses for two hours we finally downed Anub. By this time most people in the raid had won loot already, many dropped raid and there were a few left to roll on the mediocre loot that dropped off of Anub. He dropped some bracers I sort of wanted, because an upgrade makes me happy no matter how small. I rolled and it seemed like no one was rolling against me, of course my roll was a 26, so if someone rolled against me they would surely win. As the time went on to call the roll, the lock rolls--- a 28. Oh well, this has happened to me a million times. The other mage in the raid whispered me, "That sucks, his dps is like 2k below yours, wish you could have won". I am guessing the mage felt bad for me about my 5100 GS when he had a 5600 and he wanted me to win. He had complimented me on being able to push him since, despite his awesome gear and trinkets, I was barely behind him in dps. But oh well, just because I do have high dps doesn't mean I have more of a right to this gear than this warlock right? I was disappointed, but I whispered the warlock and jokingly told him he didn't really want those bracers. I was going to gratz him, when he told me he liked his own bracers better actually. I mean he was wearing pvp bracers but yeah they were ok, I still think the ones he won were probably better so I thought he was just teasing me. He walked over to me, opened trade, and actually gave them to me! He seriously gave me the bracers. Maybe he felt bad that he had decent ones already I am really not sure, but I have never been in a PuG where someone was truly so nice. Even if they were a minor upgrade or side grade what reason would he have to give them to me? A stranger? I was ecstatic, I mean sure I got new bracers but I also found someone who was truly nice in WoW. My response to him, "OMG you are the nicest PuG I have ever met!! Thank you so much!!!" He seemed happy that he made my day. I whispered the mage who was running in the group and told him what happened and he couldn't believe it. He said his own guildies wouldn't have done that. I am just happy to know that there are such nice people in WoW, because so many PuGs can be jerks. And what do you know this all happened between a mage and a warlock!


Fuubaar said...

he probably poisoned them so when you equipt them, you die & all of the rest of the loot goes back to any warlock in the raid.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure he cursed them, yeah.

That's the last caster drop you will ever see.