Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Don't Forget to Shadowmeld!

Shadowmelding can save lives! Why would people forget to use it? Sometimes it fails yes, but sometimes you can save your group. The most awesome thing happened to me in a random on my priest.  

BTW, Priest Shadowmeld> than others SM.

 Our tank decided to pull the whole room, which is okay! I am a good disco priest I can handle it... until I am silenced and everyone starts running into bombs. Okay so I hate Blood Furnace, boo silence... everyone is dying around me. Of course this makes me sad as a healer but... I can save from a wipe! I know these people don't want to run back in, they are relying on their healer to rez them, for some sort of solution. So as the last dps is dying off with a bunch of mobs on them, I fear the three attacking me, shadowmeld and pray. (Sometimes shadowmeld just doesn't work and they come back later to eat your face) But luckily, the room reset, and being the good healer that I was, I was at max range from everything when I slipped into the shadows. So once I watched the pat go by me, I carefully broke ran to a safe place and rezd my party. Maybe it was just Blood Furnace, but saving from a wipe always feels good. Thanks shadowmeld.