Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Most Important Role in ICC: DPS

I have been working on ICC now on two of my toons. Running on my mage and shaman, sometimes druid. One group I run with is quite awesome with no problems clearing up to Saurafang and beyond. The other group I run with is a group of awesome people, but is having issues with Saurafang. The more I run ICC, I realize that this place is all about the DPS. Every fight seems to be a dps race of some sort, and if the dps is low then you struggle through the fight. Many fights can be run with two healers, and the tanks don't have too complicated of a job. I am allowed to say this because I have healed these fights as well. Healing in ICC is a bore compare to Ulduar. I mean don't get me wrong, it isn't completely easy, but in Ulduar every fight seemed like a healers fight. In ICC it is time for the dps to shine.

Now when you have a bad tank, maybe a good healer can compensate, when you have a bad healer, the other healers work harder and can compensate. When there is dps who isn't up to par, unless one dps is incredibly awesome, it is sort of hard to compensate on a dps race. Point being: DPS, pick it up, study your class, this is really the first place I have been in, where the fights are so DPS dependent. This is especially true in ten mans, because in 25 mans there is always more room for compensation.

When putting together an ICC ten man raid, consider the dps, the most important role. Pick people you know are skilled players. Require a certain gear level, and try your best to balance the raid. Any dps increase is desired. Shaman totems, arcane mages, druid's crits (which don't stack with the shaman crit no?), unholy dks for those casters, and so many classes provide a buff to the dps. Use these classes wisely. Balance the melee and ranged, because many fights require some melee (Lady Death&Decay), but in some fights (Saurafang) a melee heavy group can be a downfall. So choose wisely, raid make up and dps skill can really play a huge role in ICC success.