Thursday, January 28, 2010

The AFK Five Man Trend

The new looking for group tool is very useful in many ways. It has also created some major issues. It may be shocking to discover, but people from other realms really don't care about others when there is no one from their own realm in a PuG. The first trend I noticed was that people would queue specifically for the new five mans and drop when they didn't get the loot they wanted. I mean seriously? That jerk of a tank got me into this and now I am saved, with no way to finish. I personally have NEVER done this because it is so wrong imo. When I bring a toon in I stick around for the whole thing, regardless of what boss I want loot from.

The newer, just as annoying trend, is for the dps to queue up and go afk. Ok so this isn't so bad, because the queue will find a new dps within seconds. But what is going on with dps who port into the instance and then go afk. What!? O and when they are gone for five minutes you still can't vote to kick them out. Ya, guess what, the genius lazy dpsers in the game have figured out just the amount of time they have to afk until the option to vote to kick is available. It is really frustrating to run with someone who purposely was gone for as long as they possibly could be gone. Really smart dps, go into the instance and put someone on follow. Of course it is much harder to notice you are afk when you are following someone around and not doing any damage.

So I implore all of the dpsers who queue into a random. Don't be a jerk, do your job, and actually, like hit something or eventually, the group will click the vote to kick button enough until it actually works.


Fuubaar said...

Funny Story:

I was doing a Culling of Str. with a random group of people. After the 10 wave part, you walk in to the Inn portion of the Instance and our Druid tree disclaims that the Shadow Priest has them on /follow and hasn't been there in a while.

At first I laugh because we didn't notice it at all. Then I told the Tree to get this person stuck on something before we move ahead. She jumped into the bar area & got her stuck on the stairs for good measure. We moved up and almost to the boss and then all of a sudden the priest came rushing in.

She appologiezed perfusely about going AFK unexpectedly. We thought it odd that she didn't say she needed to go AFK for an emergency. The priest said she didn't have time because her son was smearing poo all over the place.

Yeah, I kid you not. So if you see someone on follow randomly just assume that their child is ruining the furniture :)

Kayllnn said...

LoL, that is hilarious. WoW these days... haha