Thursday, October 8, 2009

Raiding Alliance

So it seems as though my raiding alliance is having some issues. Although, we had a very strong raid group who was doing decent in Ulduar, the officers took off for one week, and now that we are back, our sign ups are very low. For our 25 man Ulduar we only have four people signed up. I mean I have worried about sign ups before on the day of the raid but then we usually have about seventeen people signed up. What on earth happened? Is it that raiding alliances just don’t work and just can’t last? We have been raiding together since BC and seen many people come and go. But have always had a core group of raiders and always been able to supplement with friends and people joining the alliance. Maybe it is just that this alliances time is coming to an end. With the release of this latest patch and ToC people seem to be able to pug almost everything, or simply gain massive amounts of emblems from heroics. Maybe people just aren’t that into raiding anymore, unless it is with their own guild.

Whatever the case may be, I am definitely feeling discouraged about our alliance, and worried if I will ever see the end of Ulduar. Sure I get to clear ToC every week, and have downed Onyxia with my ToC group, but I want to see all of the bosses in Ulduar, I can't just skip it!? I mean I know a ton of people who skipped the experience of clearing EoE but not me, I want to see all the bosses, and don't forget the achievements. Maybe it is time to call an end to this alliance, or turn it into a raiding guild so we can do some serious business! I don't know but I am sick of wiping on Hodir. Seriously stay out of the freaking things falling from the ceiling, move the whole time, and jump on the snow on the ground! C'mon it isn't that hard. I cleared it after three attempts in ten man, how can this many attempts be ok? It isn't! so let's clean this up and either call this group, or get something accomplished!


fenrismarte said...

IMO the reason for low sigups is: we take a break and ppl that raid looked for another groups and... they founded! You know that i pug a lot (borntoheal) and the quality of pugs is AMAZING! Of course we have some problems, but lately pugs do very well. And another point is... Ulduar is only for achievements now... you can run ulduar 10... 3 boss down in one night... and all you get is 6 level 226 items... or run ToC10 and get 3 boss down for 6 232 items and 9 triumph badges. Ulduar25 x Toc25 is even worst. Now i read that your alliance is making a statement, this can be the final breakdown because some of us raid for equips, some for achieves, all for fun... but the statement will change the alliance for some objective: equips or achieves. With patch 3.3.0 improvements in LFG... the time of PUGS has come.

Sheep This said...

I agree, PuGs are much more popular now, and easy to come by. I think Blizzard will try to change that in the new expansion with the invent of Guild Achievements, so we will see!