Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Hallowed

Many people are working toward their achievement What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been. The meta-achievement Hallowed Be Thy Name is required to get this achievement. Who wouldn't want an awesome Violet Proto Drake. But this achievement is quite special, because it requires a full year of dedication in order to obtain every Meta-achievement to get this drake. So better get started now on becoming the Hallowed.

Yay me I finished this achievement on my mage the first day of Hallow's End this year. Yeah that is right, I had to wait a full year to obtain the Hallowed Helm . It was the only thing keeping me from grabbing my achievement, and for some reason no matter how much I trick-or-treated or went and killed the HH, this helm never dropped for me. I guess it is worth is since I did get the Headless Horseman's Mount last year, I mean it is IMO the coolest mount in game.
So, in order to do this meta-achievement be prepared to spend a lot of time in game, trick-or-treating, and make sure you down the HH every day. Get the quests required done early because these are easy. If you have any dwarf or orc friends hook up with them so you can throw a pumpkin on their heads, thanks jessabelle for being a cute little dwarf. Try to get this part done early, so the best place to hang out is in Dalaran for this one. Last year I spent about an hour right outside of the little Horde area to catch the trolls, orcs, and those rare little tauren females. I mean what woman wants to be a giant cow anyway?

As far as getting the candy from every candy bucket, this is a great achievement. Even if you aren't trying to become the Hallowed, then you should definitely spend some time doing this, you can get loads of money quite easily, and it is a nice break from doing those boring dailies.
This Meta is one of the hardest out of all the holidays, and it requires lots of time. You have two weeks, so good luck and have fun!!


Fuubaar said...

TBH I felt that this was one of the easier Holidays to achieve. I've completed every one except for Children's week. There I'm only missing the School of Hard Knocks. I only got one out of the three for that and I almost through my computer against a wall.

I enjoy pvp but this just made it miserable. I'll make another attempt at it this year but who knows. It stinks to have only 1 Achievement standing in the way of a new 310% mount :(

Congrats on yours!!!

~ Fuu

Kayllnn said...

Thanks! You are right the pvp for children's week was really hard! I am so lucky I used my abilities wisely, using invisibility to sneak into AV and capture towers, this one was the hardest for me. Some classes have it easier than others.